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Divers underwater extracting coral core samples

Getting to the core of climate history

PhD researcher Jess Hargreaves digs out coral skeletons to understand how rainfall patterns in the South-East Indian Ocean region have changed over time.

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Divers underwater extracting coral core samples

PhD researcher Jess Hargreaves digs out coral skeletons to understand how rainfall patterns in the South-East Indian Ocean region have changed over time.


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Media release, News | 8 Oct 2021

Deep roots of Australia's geology revealed

A new study has shown for the first time how Australia's rich geological history is reflected deep below the Earth's surface.

Tharika Liyanage

Student profile | 8 Oct 2021

Meet the PhD researcher solving a very big (but very small) molecule mystery

Tharika Liyanage is going to make you excited about cheilanthanes - whether you know what they are or not.

Media release, News | 8 Oct 2021

Brilliant ANU scientists take out Eureka prizes

The brains behind a book aimed at inspiring children with a gravity-defying emu and the team helping to save endangered languages are among the winners of Australia's top science awards - the Eureka Prizes.

Tents pitched in Antarctica

Media release, News | 7 Oct 2021

Antarctic ice reveals 700 years of environmental impact

700 years of Māori land burning practices in New Zealand said to be the most likely cause of increased black carbon levels in Antarctic ice, new research shows

Media release, News | 28 Sep 2021

Bacteria blasting cancer treatment shows promise

A low-cost, non-toxic cancer treatment has been developed by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU). The treatment uses dead bacteria to help kick-start the immune system and shrink cancer.

Aerial shot of a large dam

Analysis and opinion | 28 Sep 2021

The hydropower industry is talking the talk. But fine words won’t save our last wild rivers

Technologies to harness the power of water are touted as crucial for a low-emissions future. But over many decades, the hydropower industry has caused serious damage to the environment and people’s lives.

Analysis and opinion | 23 Sep 2021

We may never be able to predict earthquakes – but we can already know enough to be prepared

Even though earthquakes happen all the time, we still can’t predict when the next one will strike, or where, or how big it will be. Unfortunately, we may never be able to make that kind of prediction.

A researcher in a lab with a plastic bottle.

Media release, News | 21 Sep 2021

Start-up to tackle plastic crisis with "infinite recycling"

A new Australian enviro-tech start-up backed by ANU will "infinitely" recycle plastic to help solve the global plastic pollution crisis.

A bird on a tree branch

Analysis and opinion | 17 Sep 2021

Destroying vegetation along fences and roads could worsen our extinction crisis, yet the NSW government just allowed it

Many native species can all be found in vegetation along fences and roadsides outside formal conservation areas. And yet, the NSW government last week made it legal for rural landholders to clear vegetation on their properties, up to 25 metres from their property boundaries, without approval.

Media release, News | 16 Sep 2021

Astrophysicists solve 'empty sky' gamma-ray mystery

Star-forming galaxies are responsible for creating gamma-rays that until now had not been associated with a known origin.

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