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Fighting future fires

Associate Professor Marta Yebra is using data models to better predict future bushfire behaviour.

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Associate Professor Marta Yebra is using data models to better predict future bushfire behaviour.


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Analysis and opinion | 10 Feb 2021

Australia must control its killer cat problem. A major new report explains how, but doesn’t go far enough

Cats kill a staggering 1.7 billion native animals each year, and threaten at least 120 species with extinction. Five experts analyse a parliamentary report on the problem.

Woman in natural bush setting, she is looking up at a wattle tree and has a mattock under her elbow. Her shirt reads Park Care and she is also wearing a rain coat.

Research story | 5 Feb 2021

Moved by mountains: Research celebrates Canberrans’ love of nearby nature

If you’ve walked up Mount Taylor any time in the last few years, you might have seen Dr Kathy Eyles. She’s the one holding the mattock and taking notes.

Spices shown on a charcoal surface. There are four spoons. Three spoons have red, orange, and brown ground spices on them. The fourth spoon has black peppercorns. There are also cumin seeds in the background.

News | 5 Feb 2021

Spicy perfection isn’t to prevent infection

The next time you tuck in to a tikka masala you might find yourself asking a burning question: are spices used in dishes to help stop infection?

Video screenshot showing crops growing under a sunset. The text reads: Seeing the light, Better plants, better future.

News | 5 Feb 2021

Turbocharging photosynthesis the key to a food secure world

Australian agriculture plays a key role towards providing food for the planet but it is also expected to be one of the world's most impacted areas from climate change.

Woman holding a large jaw bone up to the camera.

News | 3 Feb 2021

New software allows scientists to “walk inside” samples

New software will allow scientists to see data in 3D and create life-like models of objects like fossils and mummies, making it possible to "zoom in" on smaller details without damaging the original.

Sequence of maths equations in white text, layered on top of each other over a black background.

News | 1 Feb 2021

Major sum adds up to even better maths thinking

A $785,000 donation from the US-based Simons Foundation will go to Australia's only maths research in residence program, MATRIX.

Close up of tree trunks after bush fire. The tree trunks are black, and the trunk in the foreground has young orange and green leaves growing out from the burnt bark.

News | 28 Jan 2021

$3 million boost to protect our biodiversity

Threatened Australian animal and plant species have been given a major lifeline, thanks to new funding for a new database that contains 100-years of flora and fauna DNA.

Analysis and opinion | 18 Jan 2021

3 reasons to study science communication beyond the West

All cultures have communicated their knowledge in diverse and marvellous ways throughout time. Failing to see the significance of this is racist and lazy.

Close up photo of two swift parrot chicks, held in a person's hands. The birds are grey and fluffy with rainbow coloured feathers.

News | 18 Jan 2021

Parrots pushed to extinction, despite protection policies

Habitat destruction by logging and agriculture is pushing parrot species towards extinction, while current protected areas are failing to mitigate these effects, according to new research.

Telescope image of a spiral galaxy surrounded by white stars.

News | 15 Jan 2021

Project maps “astronomical” number of celestial objects

Nearly 700 million astronomical objects have been carefully catalogued and made public as part of a major international collaboration involving researchers from ANU.

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