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A cosmic event captured by NASA.

New infrared telescope to help find Universe’s “hidden treasures” in real time

A new infrared telescope built by ANU will monitor the entire southern sky in search of new cosmic events as they take place.

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Mother with two kids trying to work at desk.

Analysis and opinion | 7 May 2020

Isaac Newton invented calculus in self-isolation during the Great Plague. He didn't have kids to look after

The COVID-19 pandemic offers the opportunity for a fundamental rethink of what we consider normal. One of these areas is academia.

Molly Folkard amongst ferns at the Botanic Gardens.

Student profile | 5 May 2020

Waste not, want not: Solving Australia’s food waste problem

As part of an internship at ANU, Molly Folkard has just made an important contribution to Australia’s food waste waste strategy – while still an undergraduate.

Damon Hall/Unsplash, CC BY

Research story | 4 May 2020

Can’t go outside? Even seeing nature on a screen can improve your mood

Are you feeling anxious or irritated during the coronavirus lockdown? Do you constantly want to get up and move? Maybe you need a moment to engage with nature.

A meteor shower.

News | 4 May 2020

Big shooting star show set to light up our self-iso lives

Shooting stars will provide a little bit of joy to all Australians over the coming days while we stay home, according to ANU astronomer Dr Brad Tucker.

John Debs holds up and inspects a clear face shield in the ANU Makerspace.

News | 1 May 2020

ANU helps make protective equipment for health workers

ANU is coordinating the production of thousands of face shields and masks to ensure health workers have access to personal protective equipment (PPE).

Prof Nerilie Abram holds up a coral core in the lab.

News | 1 May 2020

ANU and ABC partner to promote science for the public good

Scientists across Australia will get the chance to show the nation how their work is for the public good, under a new partnership between ANU and the ABC.

An asteroid heads towards Earth.

News | 29 Apr 2020

Asteroid set to miss Earth, so there’s one less worry

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, we can be thankful that humanity will be spared from another catastrophe tonight.

Child holding up rainbow painting

News | 23 Apr 2020

If this is an existential crisis, then why am I so hopeful?

We’ve entered a new reality. It’s not great, but it has something going for it: we don’t know how this one ends. Yet.

Ecologist, Kate Grarock.

Analysis and opinion | 18 Apr 2020

Nature is my happy place and I watched it burn. Now I need nature more than ever.

How does it feel when your 'happy place' is razed in the summer fires? And where do you go to from there?

A bettong being held by an outreach officer.

News | 17 Apr 2020

Untapped potential for animals to help reduce bushfire risk

A new ANU study has found that animals may be an "untapped" resource to help manage fuel loads for bushfires.