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Intensive farming is eating up the Australian continent – but there's another way

It's painfully clear nature is buckling under the weight of farming's demands. There's another way – but it involves accepting nature's limits.

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Analysis and opinion | 10 Jul 2020

Our field cameras melted in the bushfires. When we opened them, the results were startling

After the bushfires, we went looking for endangered corroboree frogs. Normally, they respond to our calls. But at some sites, the ponds were silent.

Dr James Gilbert next to telescope.

News | 9 Jul 2020

Lead engineer of Australia’s planet hunter receives national award

ANU researcher, Dr James Gilbert has been named one of Australia’s most innovative engineers.

Farmed field

Analysis and opinion | 8 Jul 2020

Intensive farming is eating up the Australian continent – but there's another way

How can we accommodate the needs of both farming and nature? Research shows us how, but it means accepting land is a finite resource.

Map of Australia with location of native animal species

News | 8 Jul 2020

Professor Loeske Kruuk awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship

Professor Kruuk will receive $3.3 million in funding from the ARC to pursue research into the effects of changing environments on wild animal populations.

Analysis and opinion | 7 Jul 2020

How COVID-19 undermines sustainability

Amid the dire consequences of COVID-19, some consider the pandemic to the best news the environment has received in a long time.

Analysis and opinion | 6 Jul 2020

Why outer space matters in a post-pandemic world

Australia's space industry is booming despite the impact of coronavirus.

Five clocks on dark wall.

Academic profile | 6 Jul 2020

Can physics explain our experience of ‘corona time’?

You might have heard that it’s July now. The year is, apparently, already half over. But how can this be possible? We turn to Dr Peter Riggs for answers.

Kate at walking along a storm water drain in Canberra.

Research story | 1 Jul 2020

This story will change how you feel about drains

“Imagine how different it could be?” Kate asks. “Even if you didn’t get rid of the concrete, if you could just get the channel looking attractive!”

Illustration of a quasar surrounded by a dusty donut shape (torus) and clumps called "clouds".

News | 1 Jul 2020

Hungry black hole among the most massive in the Universe

We now know just how massive the fastest-growing black hole in the Universe actually is, as well as how much it eats, thanks to new research led by ANU.

Research story | 26 Jun 2020

From spy thrillers to laser beams: quantum encryption is coming

In search of an unbreakable code, ANU researchers are looking to the realm of quantum physics. And: laser beams.

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