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3 reasons to study science communication beyond the West

All cultures have communicated their knowledge in diverse and marvellous ways throughout time. Failing to see the significance of this is racist and lazy.

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All cultures have communicated their knowledge in diverse and marvellous ways throughout time. Failing to see the significance of this is racist and lazy.


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Close up photo of two swift parrot chicks, held in a person's hands. The birds are grey and fluffy with rainbow coloured feathers.

News | 18 Jan 2021

Parrots pushed to extinction, despite protection policies

Habitat destruction by logging and agriculture is pushing parrot species towards extinction, while current protected areas are failing to mitigate these effects, according to new research.

Telescope image of a spiral galaxy surrounded by white stars.

News | 15 Jan 2021

Project maps “astronomical” number of celestial objects

Nearly 700 million astronomical objects have been carefully catalogued and made public as part of a major international collaboration involving researchers from ANU.

News | 8 Jan 2021

Australia’s Black Summer a climate wake-up call

The Black Summer fires were unprecedented in their scale and power, as well as the number of fires that transitioned into extreme pyrocumulonimbus events.

Student blog | 5 Jan 2021

Theoretical physics with real-world connections

Jordan is researching a non-invasive way to detect elevated blood glucose levels in people who exhibit pre-diabetic symptoms.

Amber Condell standing near some trees

Student profile | 21 Dec 2020

The science of genetics is written into Amber’s story

Amber Condell likes stories - both hearing them and telling them. That’s why she likes studying genetics.

Jharna Chamlagai and Sumithri Venketasubramanian

Student profile | 17 Dec 2020

Closing the book on pages of memories

As she graduates from her environment and law double degree, Jharna Chamlagai reflects on her experiences at university.

Two palm cockatoos perching on tree hollow. The birds have black feathers with a red spot around their faces.

News | 16 Dec 2020

Ringo Starr of the bird world heading for extinction

New research from The Australian National University (ANU) shows palm cockatoos, renowned for their human-like musical drumming behaviour, are threatened with extinction.

Jupiter showing colourful cloud swirls.

News | 11 Dec 2020

Summer space shows set to bring cheer in a tough year

Stargazers are in for a summer treat with three out-of-this-world events over the next week, ranging from shooting stars to a great planetary "romance" in the night-sky.

Two parrots.

News | 11 Dec 2020

New study could offer helping hand for picky parrots

New research has shown just how picky the iconic superb parrot is about the types of tree hollows they nest in, with the discovery potentially key to protecting the threatened species.

Analysis and opinion | 9 Dec 2020

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft is about to drop a chunk of asteroid in the Australian outback

Scientists hope samples of asteroid Ryugu may reveal traces of the chemical ingredients that formed life on Earth.

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