First to see the latest and greatest

Laura Grundy, Operations Manager for Southern Innovation

The most exciting part of the job as a patent examiner was getting to see the latest technologies being developed by universities and companies before anyone else in the world.Today I manage the IP portfolio for a company applying digital processing technology to medical x-ray scanning, air cargo security, mineral prospecting, and many other fields.

So far following my passion at each point in the journey has led to fantastic opportunities and a very rewarding professional life. I have some fond memories from the physics department at ANU. The department really felt like ‘home’ by 3rd year, thanks to the friendly lecturers and small classes. A few of the lecturers were especially supportive and offered opportunities to work with them on research projects, which is an exciting and invaluable prospect as a young student new to the world of scientific research.

I would advise you to get to know the lecturers and tutors and ask lots of questions. There are so many jobs out there that I never realised existed and people have some very interesting stories to tell that might reveal an exciting career path if you’re prepared to initiate the conversation.

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