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Climate change in the Australian Alps

We met Professor Nicotra in the Snowy Mountains and asked what she learned from 2020.

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We met Professor Nicotra in the Snowy Mountains and asked what she learned from 2020.


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Two wallabies sitting on rocks in rain

News | 31 Mar 2021

A new hope for the environment after Black Summer fires

A new report on Australia's environment has found the country's landscapes and waterways are making a slow recovery from one of the grimmest periods on record.

Analysis and opinion | 26 Mar 2021

Managed retreat of settlements remains a tough call even as homes flood and coasts erode

Today's risks will be tomorrow's normal. That means tough decisions have to be made about human settlements having to retreat from areas most at risk, whether from floods or bushfires.

Analysis and opinion | 26 Mar 2021

Yes, Australia is a land of flooding rains. But climate change could be making it worse

The NSW floods are a textbook example of the theoretical impacts we can expect on Australian rainfall as climate change continues.

Dr Andrew Horsley at work bench fixing electronic equipment

News | 24 Mar 2021

World’s first room-temp quantum computer set for release

The world's first room-temperature quantum computer is in the final stages of development and is set to be installed at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth and activated later this year.

Research story | 18 Mar 2021

Only the lonely: an endangered bird is forgetting its song as the species dies out

In healthy populations, the song of regent honeyeaters is complex and long. But where the population is very small, the song is sadly diminished.

News | 17 Mar 2021

Lost song spells trouble for endangered songbird

The critically endangered regent honeyeater is losing its "song culture" due to the bird's rapidly declining population.

Wind farm

News | 17 Mar 2021

Net zero by 2050 only possible if renewables ramp up: expert

Australia will not achieve net zero emissions until well after 2050 at the rate emissions are declining, experts from The Australian National University warn.

 Diego Márquez in glass house with maize plant

News | 16 Mar 2021

Scientists show drought-tolerant crops need skin in the game

ANU experts have found a way to precisely measure a crop’s water loss through its skin, not just the pores on their leaves.

Composite image of award winners

News | 11 Mar 2021

Shining stars of science honoured with Academy awards

Three researchers from ANU who've changed the way we see the world have been recognised for their ground-breaking work with prestigious awards from The Australian Academy of Science.

Bettina Hill is standing in front of stone columns

Career story | 9 Mar 2021

How applied mathematics planted artist Bettina Hill on cloud nine

What do you do after embarking on a career in visual arts? Study applied mathematics, obviously.

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