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Pear shaped nuclei solve a nuclear fission mystery

Things go pear-shaped when you split the atom, nuclear physicists have found.

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News | 6 Dec 2019

Jelly invention can heal itself like human skin

A new jelly material that mimics biological matter such as skin, ligaments and bone, is very strong, self-healing and able to change shape.

News | 4 Dec 2019

Calls to curb infant formula’s carbon footprint

Urgent action is needed to protect breastfeeding and reduce formula’s carbon footprint – especially for “unnecessary” toddler milks, according to ANU expert.

News | 3 Dec 2019

Research to turbocharge rice given major funding boost

Research that could transform global rice production by increasing yields from the world’s number one food crop has been boosted by five more years of funding.

Analysis and opinion | 2 Dec 2019

Fish kills and undrinkable water: here's what to expect for the Murray Darling this summer

I fear the coming months will be among the worst in history for Australia’s most important river system.

Analysis and opinion | 2 Dec 2019

Scientists re-counted Australia's extinct species, and the result is devastating

Our research has confirmed that 100 endemic Australian species living in 1788 are now validly listed as extinct.

News | 29 Nov 2019

Tipping points push Earth towards hothouse climate

More than half of the tipping points that could push the planet towards a hothouse Earth and threaten human civilisation are now "active".

Analysis and opinion | 27 Nov 2019

Researchers allege native logging breaches that threaten the water we drink

The Victorian government’s logging business is cutting native forests on steep slopes, in an apparent rule breach that threatens water supplies.

Student blog | 25 Nov 2019

The supersonic recipe for a big star

Astronomy and Astrophysics Masters student, Donghee Nam, shares his research into star formation.

News | 22 Nov 2019

Days of haze caused by climate change a burning health risk

As smoke haze hangs over Sydney, toxic air from extreme bushfires, exacerbated by very dry conditions due to climate, is a growing public health emergency.

Professor Carola Vinuesa.

News | 22 Nov 2019

ANU researchers recognised as some of the world’s most influential

Four ANU academics have recently joined a prestigious list of Highly Cited Researchers awarded by the Web of Science.

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