Space Rocks: Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Space Rocks: Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Date & time: 1–4pm 18 July 2019, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location:   Marie Reay Teaching Centre Kambri, ANU
Event series: Canberra Moon Week

See and touch fragments of other worlds. This temporary exhibit will display meteorites from as close to home as the Moon, to as far as the Asteroid Belt and beyond. You'll have a chance to see the building blocks of the first planets, learn how our Moon was formed, see how Mars may have once hosted life, and why Earth is unique in this star system. You can also hear the inner workings of other worlds with recordings of earth, moon and marsquakes.

There will be 30 minute sessions between 1-4pm.You can register for Space Rocks: Moon, Mars and Beyond on Friday 19 July or Saturday 20 July.


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