Science Teaching and Learning Colloquium

Date & time: 9am–2pm 2 June 2017, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: 3rd floor Teaching Room, Science Teaching Building (#136)
Speakers: Peter Anderson & Zane Ma Rhea, Monash University, Kristen Pammer, ANU STLC, Chris Browne, ANU CECS, Wafa El-Ahmadi, Executive Director, SAGE, Tim Wess, Charles Sturt University, & Member of SAGE Expert Advisory Group, Francesca Maclean, ACT Young Woman of the Year , and Kate Wilson, University of NSW Canberra (ADFA)

Inclusive Teaching: Making it Happen

Being inclusive in our teaching means using strategies that address all the needs of students in ways that make them feel equally valued and equally able to learn regardless of their individual characteristics, backgrounds or learning styles. In this Colloquium a diverse group of specialists will suggest ways in which we can ensure we have inclusive learning environments in every classroom, in every lab and on every online site. Peter Anderson and Zane Ma Rhea will share ideas and research on how indigenous perspectives can add to inclusiveness, with Kristen Pammer and Chris Browne reporting on the ANU Indigenous Science & Engineering Summer School. Wafa El-Ahmadi, Kate Wilson and Francesca Maclean will give us insights into the influence of gender in STEM teaching and learning, while Tim Wess will share experiences, and lessons, from his experiences in advocating inclusive teaching at both UK and Australian universities.

Keynote 1 - Indigenous students, indigenous perspectives
Peter Anderson & Zane Ma Rhea, Monash University

Initiative Report: The 2016 ANU National Science & Engineering Summer School for Indigenous Students
Kristen Pammer, ANU Science Teaching & Learning Centre
Chris Browne, ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

Keynote 2 - Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE): What it might mean for teaching and learning
Wafa El-Ahmadi, Executive Director, SAGE

Keynote 3 - Inclusive approaches: A strategic advantage or just doing the right thing?
Tim Wess, Charles Sturt University, & Member of SAGE Expert Advisory Group

Initiative Report - 50/50: Promoting gender equity in STEM at ANU
Francesca Maclean, ACT Young Woman of the Year

Keynote 4 - Research on gender and testing: Why might women underperform?
Kate Wilson, University of NSW Canberra (ADFA)


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