Professor Peter Hall workshop

Date & time: 7pm 5 September – 2.15am 6 September 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre (Tank) Building #23

The Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI) and the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics (RSFAS) at The Australian National University (ANU) are organising a one day workshop to honour and commemorate Professor Peter Hall who passed away on the 9 January 2016.

Peter spent his whole career in Australia, including nearly 30 years at the ANU and later at the University of Melbourne.  We would like to commemorate Peter’s many and rich contributions to Statistics, to the Universities at which he worked, and to Science in Australia. We will also remember the professional and personal impact Peter had on all of us. To these ends, we would like to have a day of talks about Peter and his work so that we can remember and convey to a general audience his profound impacts and the ways in which he touched us.

Participants include

  • Ray Chambers (University of Wollongong)
  • Aurore Delaigle (University of Melbourne)
  • Nick Fisher (Valuemetrics)
  • Jeannie Hall
  • Phil Kokic (University of Wollongong)
  • Michael Martin (ANU)
  • David Matthews 
  • Don Poskitt (Monash University)
  • John Robinson (University of Sydney)
  • Neil Trudinger (ANU)
  • Berwin Turlach (University of Western Australia)
  • Matt Wand (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Alan Welsh (ANU)
  • Mark Westcott (CSIRO)
  • Sue Wilson (ANU/University of New South Wales)

Scientific committee

  • Phil Kokic ((University of Wollongong)
  • Michael Martin (ANU)
  • Neil Trudinger (ANU)
  • Alan Welsh (ANU)


Brittany Joyce

Telephone: 61 2 6125 2897