Mars the live experience

Date & time: 6am 8 November 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Llewyn Hall Building 100, William Herbert Place Australian National University ​ACTON ACT 2601
Speakers: Buzz Aldrin, Ray Martin

Exploration has always been a defining feature of what it means to be Human. Today this distinctly Human trait is as strong as ever with the exploration of space at the forefront of our achievements.  Many believe that Mars represents our future and our ability to ensure the survival of the Human race.

Human exploration and an eventual permanent presence on Mars is no longer a distant dream but a realistic objective for the human race.

For the first time, National Geographic Live is bringing the world's leading authorities together for a unique major live event to discuss global space agency plans and the immense challenges awaiting humankind's next great space adventure.

Join our Host Ray Martin as he presents live on stage, Apollo Legend and Mars advocate Buzz Aldrin, with leading authorities from US and European global space agencies including Prof. Mark McCaughrean Senior Science Advisor European Space Agency in a world first National Geographic Live event.

Using stunning images and footage from global space agencies and National Geographic Channel's landmark new television series 'MARS', directed by Ron Howard and produced by Brian Grazer, audiences will experience live an exciting journey to the Red Planet our future new home.



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