Learning from agri-environment schemes in Australia - a book launch

Date & time: 11pm 30 June – 12am 1 July 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Fenner Seminar Room Fenner Building #141 Linnaeus Way ANU
Speakers: Dean Ansell, David Salt

Learning from agri-environment schemes in Australia is a book about the birds and the beef — more specifically it is about the billions of dollars that governments pay farmers around the world each year to protect and restore biodiversity. After more than two decades of these schemes in Australia, what have we learnt? Are we getting the most of these investments? Should we do things differently in the future?

Come along if you have any interest in the ecological, economic and social values of our agricultural landscapes.

Or come along if you’d like to find out about the pros and cons of publishing an eBook.

About the speakers

Dean Ansell and David Salt are both PhD students working in the area of agri-environment policy. Dean is researching the cost-effectiveness of agri-environment schemes while David is studying the history and policy implications of conservation on private land.

The book was produced by Dean and David working with another early career researcher, Dr Fiona Gibson (an economist from the University of Western Australia). It arose out of a workshop on agri-environment policy which brought together some of Australia’s leading thinkers on the topic.


David Salt

Telephone: + 61 2 6125 9286

Email: david.salt@anu.edu.au