Journeying to the centres of the planets

Date & time: 4.30–6.30pm 17 October 2017, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: The Shine Dome, 15 Gordon Street Acton, ACT
Speakers: Dr Helen Maynard-Casely

Dr Maynard-Casely will take us on a journey to get to know the planets of our solar system more intimately through understanding their varied and downright dangerous insides.

We’ve yet to actually dive under the clouds of the gas giants, crack through the ice of the dwarf planets or drill into the rocks of the terrestrial planets—so how do we know what lies beneath planetary surfaces?

Every planetary interior a high-temperature and high-pressure environment and pressure can have amazing effects on even the simplest of materials. To build up the pictures of planetary interiors requires the merging of keenly observed astronomy, complex theoretical calculations and the most elegant of experiments.

Dr Maynard-Casely will explain how we’ve got to the pictures that we do have, how we can re-create these planetary conditions here in Australia, and where there’s work to be done!


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