The evolution of C4 Photosynthesis

Date & time: 4am 13 April 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science, ACTON, ACT.
Speakers: Professor Rowan Sage, University of Toronto

Discovered 50 years ago in Australia, C4 Photosynthesis is one of the most efficient ways plants transform sunlight into food. This lecture will introduce how this process evolved, where it evolved and when it evolved and the advantages of C4 photosynthesis over the C3 pathway.
The lecture will next focus on how C4 photosynthesis may have fostered the origin of humanity, and end with a consideration of the state of the C4 flora in 50 years time, on the 100th anniversary of its discovery.

This public lecture is part of the C4 Photosynthesis Conference: celebrating 50 years of discovery and innovation, organised by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis and The Australian National University.


About Rowan Sage

rowan sage 2

Rowan Sage is a Professor of Plant Biology in the Ecology and Evolution Department at the University of Toronto. His research addresses physiological mechanisms governing photosynthetic responses to CO2 and temperature, and the ecophysiology C4 plant evolution.

Professor Sage is noted for identifying the number of independent origins of C4 photosynthesis, and for his work on the driving mechanisms of C4 evolution.  His lab is currently identifying new intermediate species of C4 evolution in order to better understand how the C4 pathway evolved.

Professor sage serves as a handling editor for Global Change BiologyOecologia and Plant and Cell Physiology, and edited numerous major works on C4 plants, including the highly cited 1999 volume C4 Plant Biology.


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