Enhanced systems for measuring and monitoring REDD+: opportunities to improve the accuracy of emission factor and activity data in Indonesia

Date & time: 12pm 8 December 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Forestry Bldg 48, Room 103, ANU
Speakers: Solichin Manuri

The importance of accurate measurement of forest biomass in Indonesia has been growing since the climate change mitigation schemes, in particular reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (known as REDD+), were politically accepted. The need for accurate system for historical and actual forest monitoring is also increasing, not only for better understanding of forest roles in climate change, but also to quantify the impact of activities implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solichin’s PhD research focusses on issues of enhancing system for measuring and monitoring forest aboveground biomass in three major tropical forest ecosystems, i.e. peat swamp forests, lowland dipterocarp forests and mangroves. This study highlighted the importance of developing and validating allometric equations; non-destructive sampling of tree biomass using Terrestrial Laser Scanner and feasible lidar-based monitoring system for vast area of tropical forests.

About the speaker
Solichin has worked on forest-related issues in Indonesia for more than 15 years. After studying forestry in Indonesia and Germany, he worked for several international forestry projects in Indonesia, including from the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and the European Union (EU). He worked on forest planning for sustainable forest management, development of forest fire information system using remote sensing and GIS and forest carbon monitoring system.


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