Climate change policy neglected in election campaign

Date & time: 4am 22 June 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Coombs Theatre Building 8 Fellows Road, ANU
Speakers: Professor Ken Baldwin, Professor Mark Howden, Dr Paul Burke, Lily Dempster, Mark Kenny

Climate change policy experts from The Australian National University (ANU) will discuss why climate and energy policy have been absent in the election campaign so far, and what this means for Australia’s future, at the latest ANU election forum on Tuesday.

Media are invited to attend the forum, from 6pm to 7pm on Tuesday 21 June, at the ANU Coombs Theatre.

ANU Energy Change Institute Director, Professor Ken Baldwin, said the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan climate policy will not be sufficient to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions.

“Direct Action won’t drive the change needed in the wider economy to reduce emission levels across the board,” Professor Baldwin said.

“This can only be achieved by placing a price on carbon - a process widely recognised by economists as being the most efficient way of reducing carbon pollution in any economy. 

“If we do not engage with an inevitable world price on carbon, Australia will be left economically, geopolitically and morally isolated.”

The Labor government has committed to implementing an emissions trading scheme that will place a price on carbon. However, ramping up climate policies may ultimately be futile if bipartisan support is not achieved.

“Irrespective of the election outcome, the energy rollercoaster over the past decade of destructive Government policy uncertainty has to come to an end - in order to provide a clear path forward for industry to invest in our energy future,” Professor Baldwin said.

“What we need in our democracy is recognition of common goals and good ideas on both sides of politics that will contribute to our energy and climate future.”

Tuesday’s The Vote: 2016 Federal Election Series, presented in partnership with the ANU Policy Forum, will run in the Coombs Theatre, Building 8, Fellows Road, ANU.


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