The climate change debate: Truth, lies and misconceptions

The climate change debate: Truth, lies and misconceptions

Date & time: 5pm 5 March – 8pm 9 April 2019, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Room: to be advised
Speakers: Clem Davis, Professor Mark Howden, Emeritus Professor Will Steffen, Emeritus Professor Janette Lindesay, Associate Professor Jamie Pittock, Associate Professor Nerilie Abrams, Dr Paul Burke, Dr Ian Fry, and Dr Liz Hanna
Cost: $200 per person

Physics doesn't lie so why is there so much heat and controversy generated by this debate?

The science behind global warming has been developing for over 150 years and many climate scientists have spent much of their careers in investigating and trying to understand the physical processes involved and the implications for the future. If you are confused about the competing claims with respect to climate change, here is your chance to interact with some of the world experts in their fields from the ANU on the actual science associated with global warming.


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