Climate Café: Soil Carbon - the silver bullet?

Date & time: 10.15–11.45pm 25 July 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Crawford School Conference Room, JG Crawford Building (#132), ANU
Speakers: Helen King , Susan Orgill

More carbon is stored in soil than in the atmosphere and vegetation combined, making its management critical for climate change mitigation and adaptation.  Carbon moves through three pools in a life cycle - birth, growth, death and decay - transitioning from the atmosphere, through plants and animals, and into the soil.

Sequestering carbon in soil (and vegetation) is the only means we have to remove carbon from the atmosphere and is a balancing act between carbon gains and losses.

Tipping the balance to increase carbon levels is challenging. It needs more than science and policy, it requires multiple disciplines and approaches to re-envisage landscapes and land management practices.  If we can do that, then soil carbon really is the silver bullet.

Our speakers will briefly present their ideas, which will then be explored and discussed in smaller groups.

About the Speakers

Helen King

Helen is a PhD researcher with the Fenner School of Environment and Society at ANU.  Helen’s primary research interest is ecosystem services from soil, specifically carbon storage and climate change mitigation. Before coming to Fenner, Helen was Deputy CEO of the CRC for Greenhouse Accounting.

Susan Orgill

Susan is a soil carbon researcher with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Agriculture – Soils,  based in Wagga Wagga.   Susan’s current research focuses on management strategies to increase carbon in agricultural soil. 

About Climate Café

A relaxed, monthly gathering of students and researchers interested in discussing ideas and questions on climate change and related topics.   It's transdisciplinary, inclusive, jargon-free and fun.    We seek to overcome disciplinary barriers!  The approach is modelled on dialogue events such as Café Philosophic and Café Scientifique.

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