Climate Café: Art, Climate Change and Dangerous Ideas

Date & time: 10.15–11.45pm 19 September 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Springbank Room JG Crawford Building (#132) Lennox Crossing, ANU

If climate change is one of the greatest threats facing global populations today, why do we treat it as an abstract and ambiguous concept?

The evidence that humans are affecting global and local climate is very strong.  It is not a theoretical problem of the future, it is a clear and present danger.

But the language of economic rationalism, superannuation and growth is far easier to digest than the language of science and so we get diverted to the immediate, rather than the important.  There are opportunities to reframe and re-direct this using art, which has the capacity to engage intellectually as well as emotionally.

Ngaio Fitzpatrick is a Vice Chancellor’s Visiting Fellow with the Climate Change Institute.  

She will speak about how and why artists and philosophers can communicate in ways that politicians and economists cannot.  Artists have licence to be dangerous and subversive.

Join us for lunch - pizza and drinks provided. Registration via Eventbrite is essential for catering purposes.