Can Humans Survive Human Nature?

Date & time: 3.30–5pm 13 December 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Robertson Lecture Theatre, RN Robertson Building (#46E), Sullivans Creek Road, ANU, Acton
Speakers: Dr John Rolls, University of South Australia

The Political Psychology of Climate Change

This seminar will discuss and interpret the extreme political polarisation on climate change in Anglosphere countries like Australia.    

Appropriately scaled climate change response requires both a more nuanced understanding and a more sustained and coordinated effort than has been envisaged in the past. The focus will have to change from the general public toward the political elite.

The speaker draws on Australian public opinion surveys, research on public response to anthropogenic climate change and international research on the psychological and social foundations of public opinion, cognitive science and the psychology of decision making and attitude formation.

This seminar will be introduced by Professor Mike Kyrios, Director of the ANU Research School of Psychology, and followed by panel discussion and audience Q&A. 

The panel will include Dr Will Grant, Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, with other panel members TBC.

About the Speaker

John Rolls is a chemist, gaining his PhD in solid state chemistry at Flinders University. He spent most of his working life in water resources policy and management in South Australia. He also worked for the SA Government in energy policy and climate change response policy.

 As an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at University of South Australia, he draws on the very wide range of social science research literature to explore the question “What are the underlying social-psychological reasons for the inadequate global response to anthropogenic climate change?”

Join us afterwards for the ANU Climate Change Institute Christmas drinks.    Registration via Eventbrite is essential.