Australia’s role in looking for life on Mars

Date & time: 4.30–6.30pm 5 December 2017, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: The Shine Dome, 15 Gordon Street  Acton, ACT
Speakers: Dr Carol Oliver

Dr Oliver will explain how Australia is involved in the search for life on Mars.

In 2020 NASA launches its next car-sized rover mission to the red planet—and the first woman to lead an experiment on such a mission is a young Australian, Dr Abby Allwood.

She showed that Australia is hosting the most convincing earliest evidence of life on Earth 3.42 billion years ago—an analogue of the kind of past or present life we may one day find on Mars.

Dr Adrian Brown is another Australian at NASA, on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission. Dr Oliver will also include a demonstration of driving rovers on the largest Mars Yard in a public space in the southern hemisphere and possibly the world.

Students from around Australia and internationally can drive the research-grade experimental Mars rovers on the 140 square metre replicated Martian surface from their classrooms.


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