Advancing energy sustainability by governance leadership in artificial photosynthesis

Date & time: 11am 15 September – 2pm 16 September 2016, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: University House, Common Room

This workshop builds upon unique Australian interdisciplinary research and collaborations to develop novel approaches to governance leadership in the frontier renewable energy technology of artificial photosynthesis (making fuels, food and fertiliser from sunlight, water, atmospheric nitrogen and carbon dioxide).

It links established and emerging Australian scholars with eminent international experts to construct a framework for innovative law and public policy reform proposals that overcome impediments to rapid commercial deployment of this combined energy security and climate change solution. As such it will particularly focus on developing links between global artificial photosynthesis and initiatives such as the Breakthrough Energy Coalition of influential private philanthropists.

The workshop will run from 11am on Thursday 15 September to 2pm on Friday 16 September 2016 at University House. Public lectures and the forum will be in the Finkel Lecture Theatre at the JCSMR 5.30-7.30pm on Thursday evening and workshop dinner thereafter


Nicole Harman

Telephone: 02 6125 0454