A student blows bubbles towards the sky

STEM Boxes for National Science Week

We are offering an exciting STEM Box full of activities prepared by ANU academics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Health & Medicine.

The boxes will arrive to your school in early August, for you to use during National Science Week 2020, 15-22 August. To be eligible to receive a box, you need to be teaching high school, years 7-12.

Each box includes written instructions, a video of one our students or teachers performing the activity to guide you, and all the materials you need for each activity. Please note that for the Strawberry DNA extraction activity, we do require you to source your own strawberries as we cannot post them, and also provide some liquids for the pH testing activity.

Some of the activities included in the ANU STEM Box are:

  • Psychology concept formation
  • Strawberry DNA extraction
  • Bubble activities: Blowing cube-shaped bubbles and how to blow bubbles in a bubble
  • Measuring the size of the sun (we encourage you to recycle the box your STEM box arrives in for this activity)
  • Investigating the pH of substances
  • Binary Telephone
  • The compass: An adventure in time
  • Ice melting race
  • Spaghetti Triginometry
  • Botany Scavenger Hunt
  • Engineering Challenge
  • ISBN Challenge.

We will also include some resources for additional challenges and activities for your class if you are interested.

We would love to see you and your class using the boxes, so please take a photo or two and send them to us at science@anu.edu.au or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @ScienceANU.

Register below to have a free STEM box sent to your school to use during National Science Week. There are a limited number of boxes available, so get in quick!

We reserve the right to change the activities included in the boxes at any time. Limit of 2 boxes per school.

By registering to receive a STEM Box, you are agreeing to receive email communications about the activity, and a survey after National Science Week about the activities included.