Science Central

Science Central is the main point of contact for current science students in regards to degree management and general enquiries.


General enquiries

  • College Scholarship and Prizes
  • Reading bricks
  • Honours
  • GPA and Academic Documents
  • Prospective Admission
  • Study Load (F/T – P/T)

College letters

  • Enrolment confirmation
  • Completion

Degree management

  • Program and Courses
  • Academic Advice
  • Late Academic Advice (Add /drop)
  • Enrolment change prior to census dates)
  • Enrolment (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring)
  • Permission Numbers
  • Approval reduced load (international students)
  • Application for overload
  • Program Transfer assessment
  • Determining End Dates or signing off on eCoEs (International students)
  • Student exchange
  • Cross Institutional study
  • Deferred Exams
  • Supplementary Exams
  • Academic Progress
  • Grade enquiries and updates
  • Graduation assessment
  • Academic grievance, appeals and Feedback