As You See It! winners

Congratulations to the 2021 As You See It! photography competition winners!

The 2021 competition uncovered some amazing images representing all aspects of ANU life that many of us can resonate with.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful photos, and look forward to sharing the 2022 ANU College of Science, and ANU College of Health and Medicine calendar in December.

Please contact us at if you would like a copy of the calendar once it’s complete.

Thanks again to all ANU alumni, students and staff who contributed to this years’ competition.

From across the globe

Yi-Tsun Chen

COVID Safe 😷 ? Time to Go! 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️ 🚴

Picture ID: 4332

Health and wellbeing

Ling Sun

Working at home with a little friend during COVID lockdown

Picture ID: 4401

Community impact

Graham Walker

Young students react to a Science Circus Africa live science show presented by BIUST and ANU in Kang, Botswana.

Picture ID: 4424

Our environment

Vihan Patel

A hill, a sunset, and good company in suburban Canberra

Picture ID: 4431

Our campus

hardip patel

Glorious day at the ANU

Picture ID: 4438

On the job

David Wang

First Periapical Cyst Removal

Picture ID: 4479


Elly Gearing

Is it a bird? Is it a fish?

Picture ID: 4488

The night sky

Matt Ball

Can you spot the emu?

Picture ID: 4547


Martha Johnson

The Good stuff

Picture ID: 4549

Indigenous culture

Jamie Kidston

Elders from Galliwin'ku (Elcho Island) who visited JCSMR to perform a ceremony unveiling burial poles marking their connections with ANU. Front L-R Ross Wunungmurra, Verna Wunungmurra, Glen Gurruwiwi. Rear L-R Dorothy Buukulatjpi, Azure Hermes of NCIG.

Picture ID: 4569

Down the scope

Rujia Yan

Adrift: Sea sponge in symbiosis with marine bacteria forming a complex network resembling star light. Young sponges and bacteria will spread and begin their new life.

Picture ID: 4594

In the lab

Timothy Hunt

Mineral Thin Section

Picture ID: 4606