As You See It! winners

The 2020 As You See It! photography competition has once again uncovered some amazing images representing the 12 research schools within the College of Science, and the College of Health and Medicine. We love that life can be viewed with such beauty, interest and creativity despite the challenges we have all endured through 2020.

The shortlisting and voting is now complete, and present the winners of the 2020 As You See It! photography competition below.

We thank everyone who submitted an entry or voted for their favourite photos. We will now take the winning images and turn them into the 2021 College of Science and College of Health and Medicine Calendar.

We look forward to sharing the finished product with you in late 2020.

ANU Medical School

Nicola Schembri

Simple joys that boost our health and wellbeing.

Picture ID: 1826

Fenner School of Environment & Society

David Cunningham

A Murray River Turtle (Emydura macquarii, also known as the Macquarie Turtle), enjoying the sunshine in Sullivans Creek at ANU.

Picture ID: 1896

Research School of Psychology

Brigette Berry

Possum Pal helping us to do research

Picture ID: 1977

Australian Centre for the Public Awareness of Science

Katherine Robb

Shaping a Nation through minerals - Discovering my mineral collection echoes the cover and message of a book communicating how geology shapes landscapes

Picture ID: 2026

Mathematical Sciences Institute

Natalie Azzopardi

Fibonacci Flower

Picture ID: 2143

Research School of Physics & Engineering

Sergey Kruk

Controlling light at the nanoscale

Picture ID: 2166

Research School of Earth Sciences

Joel Tatapudi

A Perfect balance of Earth and Water

Picture ID: 2179

Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Arthur Xu

Milky Way

Picture ID: 2183

Research School of Chemistry

Navneet Singh

Is it me or do you also see a dragon?

Picture ID: 2199

Research School of Population Health

Erin Walsh

Science fueled by family: Dr. Terrett (PhD, source of tea, insight, and this Mandelbrot render), and Langley (Bachelor of being a lizard, with honours).

Picture ID: 2214

Research School of Biology

Melanie Rug

past and present at an Antarctic whaling station March 2020

Picture ID: 2218

John Curtin School of Medical Research

Nathan Reynolds

Interneurons: a song of ice and fire.

Picture ID: 2220