As You See It! Photography Competition

When you think of Science, Health and Medicine, what do you see? The micro world at the end of a microscope? The flora or fauna outside your office window? Maybe it's the ANU bush campus or the clear, starry night sky. We would like to see it As You See It!

Photo: A Macquarie Turtle enjoying the sunshine in Sullivan's Creek at ANU by Dr David Cunningham, Fenner School of Environment & Society

This year the submission categories have changed. We want to celebrate how science, health and medicine impact our daily lives at work, home and play, and the impact these areas have on our ANU community.

The As You See It! photography competition is open to all ANU alumni, staff and students with an original photo. Images will be shortlisted by a selection committee, with the top photos from each category going to a public vote during August.

The winning image from each category will form the 2022 College of Science and College of Health and Medicine annual calendar.

Competition categories

Category Description
Community impact How do you use science to impact our community? Do you teach, communicate, advocate?
Down the scope Share the micro world with us. What do you see when you look down your scope?
Fauna Wildlife, your pet, a chance encounter, your research subjects show us what inhabits your space.
Flora Share a shot of plant life with us, wattle to gumtrees and all that’s in-between share your unique flora photo.
From across the globe One of the best parts of being part of the ANU community is our global presences; let's share that! Show us where you are in the world or some of your travels as we embrace the richness and diversity of our alumni community.
Health and wellbeing How do you manage your health and wellbeing? Do you volunteer, work in the sector, take yoga on Fridays?
Indigenous culture Reconciliation is more than a word, help us learn the truth of First Nations histories, knowledge and cultures.
In the lab What does your lab look like? Do you use any interesting equipment? Share your workspace.
On the job What do you do for work? Where does your job take you?
Our campus We love our campus in the bush capital! Share a shot or memory of your time on campus.
Our environment Share your environment, a local hang out, the view from your office window or a space that’s special to you.
The night sky Look up and beyond the night sky, show us what you see!