Samiya Shajedin

Technical and Biosecurity Officer
Department of Agriculture

BSc (Hons) (2014)

Culturally diverse background


My family immigrated to Australia during my teenage years. Being a first-generation immigrant shaped what I want from life- work, personal and social life balance.

My love for science, particularly biology, has made it an easy choice to do science at university. My career then naturally gravitated towards what I love and prioritise.

For me, regardless of how rewarding my career is, I need to have time to pursue new things. For instance, I completed an online diploma in interior design during university term breaks. I also volunteer for a community radio (Bangla radio) occasionally.   

Area of study

Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in Biology and minoring in Microbiology and Immunology.

Epic fail

So many! I once contaminated my bacteria sample during my Honours project only to find out a week later what had happened, oops!

Proudest moment

Completing an audit for a facility in Greece on behalf of the Australian government to facilitate the importation of a novel stock feed to assist Australian farmers during recent severe drought.

Top tip

Take time to learn your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you do what you love whilst harnessing your skills.