Lauren Du Fall

Business Development and Commercialisation Manager

PhD '14, BSc (Hons) '09

International student
Relocated for university
Scholarship recipient


I have always followed what I've enjoyed and been interested in, never knowing what that might be in five years time. This has led me from starting out thinking I wanted to be an accountant, to training as a Scientist, into Research Management and now into Business Development and Commercialisation. We have left the age of having one career behind and that's exciting. I love science in general, am passionate about gender equality, I enjoy travelling, snowboarding and motorbike riding. 

Area of study

BSc Hons (major Biochemistry), PhD in plant pathogen interactions. I studied the pathogen and plant biochemistry of the infection of wheat with a disease called Stagonospora Nodorum Blotch. Using metabolomics and RNA sequencing I characterised the metabolites and genes involved in the interaction to determine how the pathogen was killing plant cells. My research identified a number of compounds that could be used to develop novel fungicides or targets to prevent yield losses caused by the disease. 

Epic fail

Leaving the lid off a centrifuge and hitting start. It sounded like there was a jet plane in the lab and the rubber seal disintegrated. I was not built for the lab!

Proudest moment

Speaking at a conference in Germany (also most terrifying..)

Top tip

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you'll get used to it.