Ian Carter

Ian Carter
Postdoctoral Fellow
ANU Research School of Physics

About Ian

I have an enquiring mind, get worked up about the latest Linux distribution, and have a painfully logical and methodical approach to sorting my sock wardrobe - I’m a Nuclear physicist. This pathway wasn’t exactly straight forward, staggering in fact, meandering down many avenues (including a short stint as a chef) before I release science was a area I wanted to work in.

In the past few years I have completed my PhD. and a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with the nuclear reactions dynamics group in the department of nuclear physics, ANU. Throughout my time there I was involved in the planning and performing of experiments using highly specialised technical nuclear instrumentation. The analysis and findings of which has led to an enhancement in our understanding between the fundamental building blocks of nature.

Following that, I joined CSIRO where I used the skills and knowledge gained from my time in fundamental nuclear physics in a more applied context. I developed techniques to rapidly analyse elements of interest to the mineral industry, leading to developments in technology that facilitate a smarter, more economic mining industry.

Currently, I’m back in fundamental nuclear physics as a research fellow at the ANU. Along with my fundamental research, I’m now leading our development into applied nuclear science for the Australian space industry.

Area of study

* Bachelors of environmental physics (Technological University Dublin)

* Hons degree in advanced experimental physics (Technological University Dublin)

* PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics (ANU)

Epic fail

There are far too many! Please ask

Proudest moment

To change this around. My proudest moments are when I push myself outside of my comfort zone. The realisation that it wasn't so bad after all and that I can push my self ‘through it’ is very fulfilling.

Top tip

Try to do something you love. Then once you find that, try to work with people who motivate, encourage and support you.