Hsei Di (Sadie) Law

Hsei Di Law
Researcher / Analyst
National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health

Master of Public Health (2014), BSc (2012)


I grew up in Malaysian Borneo. I came to Canberra for university in 2008 and lived at Bruce Hall. Growing up on an island, I was never inclined to big cities and love Canberra for her bicycle paths, nature trails and beautiful birds.

After my undergraduate studies, I worked in the Immunology Department at the John Curtin School of Medical Research on campus. I then worked in Data Integration at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Currently, I work as an Analyst at the Research School of Population Health. On a typical day, I talk to people about study design, clean and analyse data, debug code, and research ways to improve our methods.

Outside of work, I like keeping active outdoors and I play the cello in a local community orchestra.

Area of study

I did a BSc (Molecular Biology, Genetics) at ANU, a Master of Public Health at ANU and am currently finishing up an MSc (Computational Data Analytics) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, US.

Epic fail

I tried to cut my own hair when I was 12…

Proudest moment

Whenever I’ve been able to help someone out, teach them something, or said a kind word when they needed it.

Top tip

I think it is important to give yourself a chance at many different things as possible while you’re young (at any age, really!) even if it’s completely new and scary and you don’t like it. Especially if it’s completely new and scary and you don’t like it.