Diana Antonosyan

Quality Data Analyst and Sales Engineer
Electro Optic Systems

About Diana

I was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Have never heard of this place? Please google it, and you will found out that it is an ancient country with a long history, beautiful nature and very hospitipal people - heaven for tourists ;).

I was attending an international conference on Optics in Germany, and that is where I have met my future supervisor, who has invited me to do a PhD at ANU. After a year of considering all the pros and cons, I set off to the new world to me: to Australia in 2012. It took no time to fall in love with Australia. Willows on the ANU campus and the views of mountains kept my warm memories of home.

I work as a Data Analyst and Sales Engineer, which combines my passion for research, analysis and travel. As a sales engineer, I present our company at various international tradeshows.

Fashion and beauty are another affections of mine. Thus, if you want to know the trends of the season, don't hesitate to ask me.

Area of study

I did my PhD at Nonlinear Physics Centre, Research School of Physics and Engineering. My research was devoted to Quantum Integrated Nonlinear Chips.

Epic fail

If you need a funny story – I ran into a glass door because I was late to my Pilates class and didn’t notice the door. Smashed my nose, arm… it was painful.  The lesson is “Don’t be late”.

Emotional Failure was the year after my graduation, as I couldn’t find myself. I left academia, was tutoring casually at ANU and working casually as a Product Engineer.

Proudest moment

Getting my invitation from ANU, accepting my PhD degree certificate on the stage -  all those events were emotionally uplifting and are happy memories today.

The memory which does not bring me joy but makes me proud is when I stood for myself at work when my direct manager decided to diminish my work in front of new Executive director. It was challenging taking into account that

 - I was a new employee
 - I was a family (we are not supposed to be conflicting) and
 - English is not my first language.

Nevertheless, I was able to prove that I am highly competent, creative and proactive.

Top tip

Think about your career beforehand; do not leave it to the last months before graduation. Communication and collaboration is the key that will open all doors.