Chris Wang

Doctoral Candidate, Casual Sessional Academic
The Australian National University

BSc(Psych) (Hons) '17

Scholarship recipient


Growing up, two things intrigued and fascinated me to the point where I could spend hours on them without noticing – computers and people. Sadly, I gave up on maths and the natural sciences much too early, but fortunately pushed on when it came to psychology. Funnily enough, psychology was one of my worst high school subjects.

It was only in the final year of undergrad that I felt psychology (social) was where I wanted to be. My third-year lecturer, now my supervisor, really showed me how social psychology could contribute to understanding and solving real questions with big impacts (e.g., What are leaders? How are people influenced? What is a stereotype?). I saw that gaining expertise in social-psychological methods and theories to be the first step in being qualified to work with institutions and organisations on solving the problems that affect us all.

Outside of psychology, I really like long runs, meeting friends, and keeping up with developments in technology.

Area of study

Understanding how people’s opinions, attitudes, and beliefs about the world and the people in it are formed, understood, and influenced.  I hope to apply these ideas to understanding why people make differential attributions of “prejudice” to the things that others say or do.

Epic fail

Giving up on maths after convincing myself that I gave learning it my best shot. It’s only with hindsight that I’ve realised the effort I put in was half-hearted and nowhere near enough.

Proudest moment

Teaching students what I had learned when I was in their shoes not that long ago.

Top tip

The reward of finding the thing that is “your passion” and “makes you happy,” comes from a journey fraught with risk. It is immensely hard to make a whole-hearted effort to follow a path less trodden. But, sometimes, the faith you show by jumping into exploring the unknown is rewarded eventually, by you being in a place that you might have never imagined yourself to be.