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Who pays the bill?

Who makes the decision about the next appliance in a household? And what are the consequences? Sarah Wilson reports.

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Where could the Master of Science Communication Outreach take you?

The one-year program takes you around Australia, providing specialist training in science communication performance.

Student profile

Forensic scientist making a positive difference

After seeing the film Gorillas in the Mist as a child, Dr Jodie Ward was inspired by the zoologist Dian Fossey to study a Bachelor of Science at ANU.

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Leadership and other ships: ANU alumnae afloat in Antarctica

Even at the ends of the Earth, there are ANU alumni. And they’re all in the same boat, literally.

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Dr Rob Lesslie: Transforming a legacy into a reality

When friends, family and colleagues talk about Dr Rob Lesslie, one word keeps coming up: worldview.

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What did you want to be when you grew up?

Elite athlete? Actor? Astronaut? It’s pretty rare to find someone actually living their childhood dream. Cue: Nate Byrne, ABC Breakfast News weather presenter.

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Cracking the code of success: How a physics PhD can boost your business career

Dr Ramin Rafiei has some advice for anyone questioning the value of a PhD outside of academia: "Be a nerd!"

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Science careers: from sci-fi to flying high

ANU alumnus Chris Harris-Pascal is changing the world from the groundwater up.