TV Presenter
Scope - Network 10
Scholarship recipient

About Lee

I am a science communicator and TV presenter and I love mixing science with arts, humanities and media!

I come from Galong, NSW (a town of around 100 people) where I grew up on our family sheep farm and went to school in nearby Harden before coming to Canberra and ANU. Now I host a science TV show for kids called Scope, I just published a book about garbage, superheroes and climate change for kids (How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet), and I'm experimenting with mixing comedy with scicomm (scicomedy!) in many ways.

I've had lots of casual jobs from Education Ranger at the National Botanic Gardens to giving kids tours of the landfill, to lab assistant, to office admin. My hobbies have varied from theatre to community radio and podcasting to scuba diving.

The coolest things I've ever done are, set up scientist/street artist collaborations and (unrelated) voyage to Antarctica as part of the largest ever all female Antarctic expedition.

Area of study

Bachelor of Science (majors: Earth & Environmental Science, Plant Science) (Biology Honours)/Bachelor of Arts (majors: Sociology, Drama), Master of Science Communication Outreach

Epic fail

I'm not the most athletically gifted, so filming sport science episodes are always a laugh! For one very active episode, I managed to go through an epic day of dangling from obstacle courses (awkwardly framed to make me seem more competent than I am!), and learning how to indoor ski backwards. I had some success, but I came undone and sprained my ankle right before the final few pieces by slowly and gently sliding down the side of a wooden ramp between takes to "demonstrate" to the producer how I could "do" something.

Proudest moment

Publishing my first book this year (How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet) and seeing kids, teachers and parents enjoying it!

Top tip

Whatever it is - ask! They could say yes! And if they say no then you're no worse off!