Feedback sought on a draft of the ANU College of Health and Medicine's vision and strategy

Comments are due by 4 November.

In August 2017, the College of Health and Medicine (CHM) was formed to strengthen health-related research and education at the Australian National University (ANU). The CHM encompasses four schools: the John Curtin School of Medical Research, the Research School of Population Health, the Research School of Psychology, and the ANU Medical School. The CHM enables the University to better align with local, national and international health priorities.

Earlier in the year, a high-level vision and strategy document (PDF 840KB) was developed for CHM by Mike Pepperell from Consulting and Implementation Services after interviews, meetings and staff forums with more than 110 internal and external stakeholders.

The College Executive, including the incoming Dean, want to know what you think about this high-level vision and strategy. We’d value your comments on the vision as a whole, or on each individual slide. The sorts of things you might comment about include: Do you agree with the strategy and its elements? What is missing, if anything? How important are the elements to you? How will they affect you? What would it take to achieve them? Are there other comments you want to make?

There are several ways you can provide feedback on the Draft CHM Vision and Strategy:

  1. If you have a specific comment on a page of the document, please click on the ‘provide feedback’ button on the relevant page and use the feedback form
  2. If you want to provide overall comments on the document, please click on the ‘provide feedback’ at the end of the webpage
  3. Or send your comments to

Please note that your feedback can be provided anonymously. If you would like to be contacted further about your feedback, however, please include an email address in your correspondence. All feedback is confidential, and will only be used to inform the CHM vision and strategy.

Comments are due by 4 November.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact Julia Sharwood, Executive Officer in the College of Health and Medicine, by email: or by phone on 6125 6029.

CHM vision and strategy feedback