Explore the World of Biology

Our world leading biologists from the Research School of Biology can provide talks about their current research and these topics include:

  • From Single Cell to Human Body with Dr Maja Adamska
  • Spiders, Evolution or Things that Live in Rotting Logs with Prof David Rowell
  • Disarming Bacterial Pathogens of Key Molecular Weaponry with Dr Denisse Leyton
  • Parasites – What’s Eating You? with Assoc Prof Alex Maier
  • The Drugs Don’t Work with Assoc Prof Richard Callaghan
  • Alpine Ecology in a Changing Climate with Prof Adrienne Nicotra
  • Photosynthesis, the most important biological process on Earth, Photosynthesis, Light and Action, Photosynthesis evolution: the story of plants and why we can’t live without them, or Improving photosynthesis to help feed the world population by 2050 with Prof John Evans and Dr Ben Long
  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation – from Genes to Environment with Assoc Prof Uli Mathesuis

The level of presentation varies depending on the age group and our scientists will make every effort to link into the National Curriculum where possible. . Schools who wish to visit campus can include a tour through our research areas. 


On campus
In school


Interactive presentation

Program duration

60 minutes (flexible)

Year group

Years 10 -12

Number of students

100 (flexible)


Weekdays excluding public holidays. Please contact us for availability throughout the rest of the year. At least 1 months’ notice required


No cost