Fire & Flames with Peter Wothers

Flashes, flames and bangs! This is what you can expect to see at Dr Wothers' lecture on the nature of combustion. Find out why some things burn quietly and others explode with a bang, why water doesn't burn but some compounds burst into flames. This lecture is suitable for all high school students.

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About the speaker

Peter Wothers is a teaching fellow in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. Aside from lecturing to undergraduate chemistry students, Peter is internationally known for his public lectures. In 2012, Peter presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, a long running lecture series aimed at young people and were initiated in 1825 by Michael Faraday.

Peter has also authored a number of popular textbooks including Organic Chemistry with Clayden, Greeves and Warren, and Chemical Structure and Reactivity with his colleague James Keeler.


Please note: Attendees are advised that due to the nature of lecture there may be small amounts of smoke present in the lecture theatre. There is a very small chance that this may irritate people with respiratory conditions. As a precaution, people with asthma are advised to bring inhalers.