HDR program extension policy


In an effort to improve HDR completion times, maximise RTS funding, and ensure that students are continuing to make satisfactory progress, the College of Health & Medicine (CHM), and the College of Science (COS) will now require the CHM/COS Associate Dean to approve all applications for extension of program beyond five years (FTE) in the case of PhD students, and 3 years (FTE) for MPhil and 4 years for Professional Doctorate (e.g. D Psych Clin) students.

The standard program duration is four years for a PhD student, two years for an MPhil student, and 3 years for a professional doctorate student.


Students should continue to submit an application for extension of program at least one month before their current program end date - via ISIS (except in cases where the maximum submission date has passed - then they should use the application for extension of research program form). The HDR Administrator must highlight on the eForm that the students will be extending beyond the five or three year limit, so that the student’s Chair of panel and Delegated Authority are informed prior to endorsing the request. In addition, the HDR Administrator must obtain College Deputy Dean (Education) final approval prior to STAR issuing a revised program end date to the student.

All applications must include a detailed justification of why the extension is necessary, and what plans are in place to ensure that submission within the following six months will be achieved.

Extensions of more than six months at any one time will not be approved.

Extensions will not be approved for students who are not making progress to the satisfaction of the delegated authority, and the candidature of those students will be managed under the Research Award Rules.


This new policy will come into effect as of 04 November 2013, and will apply to all current HDR students in CHM and COS.